Thailand’s Beaches & Islands Travel Guide, 368 Pages in PDF

Thailand’s glorious beaches stretch over 2,000 miles of coastline, proving irresistible to lovers of beach life and ocean sports. Whether you’re seeking a secluded getaway or the hottest party destinations, insider tips won’t let you miss a thing. Dive, snorkel, and hike, and experience all the local flavors of Thailand.

Thailand’s Beaches & Islands Travel Guide also provides in-depth information on this region’s breathtaking geographic diversity and rich cultural heritage. All of Thailand’s extensive coastline is covered, from the Eastern Seaboard to Bangkok, the Upper and Lower Western Gulf coasts, the Deep South, and the Upper and Lower Andaman Coasts. Town-by-town listings of the best beaches, sights, markets, and festivals make it easy.
+ Detailed itineraries and “don’t-miss” destination highlights at a glance.
+ Illustrated cutaway 3-D drawings of important sights.
+ Floor plans and guided visitor information for major museums.
+ Guided walking tours, local drink and dining specialties to try, things to do, and places to eat, drink, and shop by area.
+ Area maps marked with sights.
+ Detailed city maps each include a street finder index for easy navigation.
+ Insights into history and culture to help you understand the stories behind the sights.
+ Hotel and restaurant listings highlight Choice special recommendations

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