Who doesn’t like to get their hands on cheap flight tickets, at this site 2CheapAirfare.com we make sure you get a great deal! Finding the cheapest airfare on your next trip can save you a lot of money, usually the most expensive part of a trip is airfare costs. However, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. We have listed our favorite travel tips on how to avoid high prices, reduce costs and locate the best airfare prices available online!

Use popular flight search engines for the cheapest airfares
This might be an obvious choice for many travelers today, nevertheless using a flight meta search engine is the most effective and easiest way to get the cheapest flight ticket online. Popular sites like Momondo and Kayak have made it very easy to search and compare airfare prices, as well as hotel and car rental deals across 100s of travel agencies and airlines. These websites also offer useful tools, like email alerts on the best airfare prices, price predictions and price maps constructed around destinations etcetera.

Tuesdays are the best days to book and fly
The best day of the week to book a flight is on a Tuesday, because this is usually when travel agencies and airlines publish their flight sales and discounts. Besides saving some coins by booking airfare on a Tuesday, research has confirmed that trips taking place during the mid-week, like on a Tuesday or Wednesday are often lower priced in compare to travels during the weekend. So, you will most likely get the best airfare prices by booking on a Tuesday with a flight departing during the middle of the week. The best time to book cheap airfares is al least 4-12 weeks in advance of your travel.   

Low seasons equals low costs 95% of the time
Many destinations have a high and low season driven by weather, festivals and number of visitors. Booking a flight during a destinations high season will almost always be much more expensive than flying during low season. The same goes for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving with usually much higher prices. You will find the best airfare prices during a destinations low season, and besides the benefit of a lower price you will also avoid long ques at the airport and mass tourism.

Other airport near you might have better prices than the one closest to you
Many of us lives near more than just one airport, specially people living in big metropolitan areas. To find the best airfare prices you should check the flight prices in each of the airports that are not that far from you. Traveling to or from a different airport by bus is many times very cost effective and thus can save a lot of airfare money. For instance, taking a 15-dollar bus ride for 2 hours to New York from Philadelphia, instead of flying with a more expensive flight from Philadelphia may save you a lot of money by choosing a cheaper flight from New York.

Read the fine print to avoid extra or hidden costs
It is not that unusual today for airlines including low-cost airlines to add extra costs, like excess baggage fees, carry-on bag fees, drinks and meals on board, travel and cancellation insurance and credit and debit card charges etcetera. The easiest way to avoid any surprises is to read the fine print, so you know for sure what is or is not included in the airfare. This should be done to any flight you are considering so that you don’t get any extra unnecessary costs, but only the best airfare prices available online.


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