We at 2CheapAirfare.com have listed popular travel destinations that is frequently visited by travelers on a budget. We will look at the starting prices for accommodations (3-star hotels), low airfare prices and the best time of the year to score a great deal in the following cheap travel destinations:

Destinations to the Far East are steadily on the rise and are very popular among Americans and Europeans. China has a lot to offer, like the iconic Wall of China, the forbidden city and its numerous Mega cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. These cities have everything a tourist can ever wish for, whether it is glittering shopping malls, Buddhist temples or pulsating night clubs, one cannot be disappointed in all the cultural wealth China has to offer. From Los Angeles LAX airport there are nonstop flights to China for as low as $290 during low season which is on spring and fall. High season is during the summer months, in which airfare and accommodation get more expensive. In the big Chinese cities you may find a budget hotel room for as low as $25/night. These low prices are what makes China one of the most visited cheap travel destinations in Asia.

The land of smiles is today one of the most popular counties to visit, with its famous beaches, friendly people and its majestic capital Bangkok, it´s not that hard to see why it is one of Asia’s most popular destinations. Thailand offers something for everyone and embraces all types of travelers, whether you are a budget-oriented student or a luxury loving tourist. The best time to score great flight and hotel deals are during the rainy (low) season, which falls between May to October. You may find low airfare prices from New York to Bangkok around $550 and in the capital budget accommodations begins at $15/night. These low prices are what makes Thailand one of the most popular and cheap travel destinations in the world.

Spain is one of the most visited counties in the world. This sunbaked country at the southern corner of Europe has mesmerized tourists for decades. Why not feast on tapas in the capital Madrid, bask at Andalusia’s finest beaches, marvel at the Alhambra palace in Granada or stroll down the La rambla in Barcelona, this country is packed with enticing experiences that will stay with you for a long time. The best time to score a cheap flight or hotel room in Spain is during the low season, which is during fall and springtime, avoid the summer months when prices are quite expensive. Low cost airfare from New York to Madrid or Barcelona is around $500, and budget accommodations begins at $20/night during low season. For being a European country Spain has surprisingly low prices, making this great nation one of the most popular cheap travel destinations in Europe.

Canada is a great option for the budget minded traveler. The nation has so much to offer its visitors, from Cosmopolitan Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto, to one of the world’s most abundant wildlife and incredible nature scenery. Canada is popular both as a winter (ski destination) and summer destination, so the best time to score cheap travel deals is during January and October, you may find airfare for as low as $285 during those months. December and July are the most expensive months to visit Canada. Budget hotel prices in the big cities like Vancouver and Toronto begins at $45/night. These welcoming prices are what makes Canada one of the most visited cheap travel destinations in North America.

Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches at the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, its ancient ruins and diverse landscapes, like the jungles of the south and the deserts of the north. In the county´s metropolitan capital Mexico City there is plenty of gourmet restaurants, museums and upscale boutiques to visit. Traveling to Mexico in December especially during Christmas is the most expensive time to visit the country. In September, the best month to find cheap travel deals you may find flights from New York to Mexico for under $300, and budget hotel prices from $15/night at any resort or in the capital. These low prices are what makes Mexico one of the most popular cheap travel destinations in Latin America.

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